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New version with new colour, improved sound and up to 25% more battery life!

A communication device that's as flexible as you need to be

The SuperTalker Progressive Communicator is a powerful, yet easy to use voice output device designed to grow with your student. Unlike most personal communication tools on the market, SuperTalker can be configured in one, two, four and eight grid formats eliminating the need for your student to learn a new device as his or her needs change and abilities grow.

“The SuperTalker is easy to use and the self-storing keyguards and overlays helps to keep them from getting lost.

What’s more, SuperTalker Progressive Communicator features 16 minutes of recording time and a total of eight levels of messaging capability. SuperTalker is even equipped with a special switch jack to allow single switch users to access a sequence of messages before learning to make their own selections. And Assistive Technology Specialists will find the SuperTalker particularly useful as a portable assessment tool.


The SuperTalker Communicator can serve as a single message device for beginning communicators. Pre-record a single message to match your student’s daily activities and environments.

The two-grid format provides choice-making opportunities that your students can use throughout the day.

With four-grid formats, the SuperTalker Communicator can provide curriculum-specific messages so your student is ready to participate in any classroom activity.

For advanced communicators, it expands to an eight-grid format that allows new opportunities for communication. With eight message choices, your students can partake in social scripting, conversational turn-taking and peer interaction.

The SuperTalker Progressive Communicator has all these great features:

Crystal clear sound
16 minutes of recording time with variable message lengths
8 levels/8 overlays
Selectable 1, 2, 4 and 8 grid formats
Keyguards for 1, 2, 4 and 8 grids
Step-ahead jack for single switch sequential message access
8 input jacks for single switch access to any specific location
2 toy/appliance output jacks
Volume control with lockout feature
Built-in keyguard storage
Mounting capability
Uses 4 AA batteries (not included)
Compatible with Boardmaker overlay software
Optional travel strap ( Travel Strap Shoulder Mount)

Dowload SuperTalker Manual from here

Dowload SuperTalker Overlays from here

SuperTalker Adjustable Stand

SuperTalker Adjustable Stand

This sturdy mounting system keeps the SuperTalker firmly in place for students to access its activation membranes.

Die cut Velcro stabilises the SuperTalker for students, while providing quick and easy removal for teachers. The stand also features an adjustable backrest that allows the SuperTalker to be propped at the best angle to suit a variety of individuals needs.