MK Prosopsis

Step by Step with Levels


Like the LITTLE Step by Step but allows a choice of up to three series of messages. The three selectable series, set or "levels" of message can be on separate themes or designed for different activities or different times of the day.



  • One-shot timer prevents message repetition when a user continually activates a switch
  • 75 seconds of memory
  • Durable, high impact ABS plastic casing
  • 62mm (2.5 inch) diameter
  • Volume control and on off switch
  • External 3.5mm switch jack
  • External speaker jack for amplification.
  • FREE Snap Switch Cap
  • FREE toy/appliance cable
  • Mounting base
  • Angled base for easy access

Available in green, red, yellow, blue and black - please specify colour when ordering.