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Integra Mouse


Games, communication, information, work. Today’s life cannot possibly be imagined without having the computer. With LifeTool’s INTEGRAMOUSE, you can operate the computer solely by mouth. The slightest movement of your lips will control the mouthpiece and thus move the mouse pointer dynamically across the screen. By mere sipping and puffing through the mouthpiece, you can trigger left and right mouse clicks, double clicks as well as drag and drop actions as with any standard mouse.

The INTEGRAMOUSE was developed for people suffering from paralysis (quadriplegia), progressive muscular dystrophy, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, or arm amputation. For people with good control of motor functions of the mouth, INTEGRAMOUSE gives users a simple, intuitive, rapid and efficient means of accessing the computer, leading to better quality of life and independence.

The INTEGRAMOUSE connects to the computer via USB and comes with all cables. Installation is Plug and Play, similar to that of a standard mouse – INTEGRAMOUSE is automatically recognised by Windows, Macintosh or Linux, without the need of a driver. No external power supply is required.

The mouthpiece material is latex-free, biocompatible and ergonomically arranged. The INTEGRAMOUSE can be mounted securely using the INTEGRAMOUSE Mounting System.


  • Easy installation via Plug-and-Play (no driver/installation software needed)
  • Left- and right-click, double click, drag-and-drop without additional software (Left or right clicks are triggered by variations of air pressure in the oral cavity and in the mouth piece. Slight sipping or puffing is sufficient)
  • Dynamic control of the mouse pointer by slightest movements of the lips (10 grams lip pressure)
  • No loading on the neck or head
  • No external power supply needed
  • Fully compatible with Windows 98 or higher, Apple Mac and Linux operating systems
  • Word processing via onscreen keyboard (part of Windows XP)
  • Designed to be used by multiple persons with easy-to-exchange mouthpiece
  • Complies with the highest hygienic standards
  • May be used in an upright or lying position
  • No cumbersome attachment to the user’s body