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Communicate: SymWriter -

Word Processing with Symbols

Communicate: SymWriter is a symbol-supported word processor that any writer, regardless of literacy levels, can use to author documents. Writers of any age or ability can use the Widgit Symbols to see the meaning of words as they type, supporting access to new or challenging vocabulary.

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Menus, program functions and on-screen grids can be customised. On-screen grids allow selection of text, symbols and pictures to assist writing, even if spelling ability is limited or accessing the keyboard is a barrier. Simple access to designing grids enables quick editing or creation of content for those supporting the writer.

Simple and Intuitive

An intuitive word processor enables the quick and easy sharing of accessible information through letters, lists, stories and notes. Seeing the meaning of words as you write ensures that support can be adjusted to meet a wide range of situations.

Writing with Grids

Symbol-supported grids for writing make independent engagement in assignments and projects possible for all students. Edit and personalise ready-made environments and templates or start from scratch. Users can navigate grids with a mouse, touch screen or switch, so everyone can be engaged in the writing process.

Subtle Assistance

Built-in aids, such as spell checking with symbols, support choosing the correct word. Speech support can read out a letter, word or sentence, meaning that documents can be reviewed by listening rather than proof-reading. Smart symbolising suggests the correct symbol based on part of speech, for more accurate symbolisation.

Assisting Writing

Communicate: SymWriter provides the perfect tool for simple word and symbol processing for emergent writers. It enables users to see the meaning of words as they write. The symbols appear automatically in a side panel, illustrating the word just typed or chosen. Non-keyboard users can write in very flexible ways by selecting from grids and buttons.

SymWriter comes with over 8,000 Widgit Literacy Symbols, in colour and black & white. You can also drop pictures on to the page using the symbol browser. Use any of the 1,500 Widgit Pictures (clip art and photographs) supplied with the program or access images from anywhere on your computer.

See the meaning of words as you write


Write by Selecting from Grids and Button

SymWriter makes writing easier with the aid of grids and buttons. These can be created in text, text & symbol or symbol formats. This means that SymWriter can support those who cannot write text but that can write using symbols, and text writers with a limited vocabulary. Position grids and buttons wherever you like, ready to send to the document or carry out actions. You can use the ready-made function buttons or design your own. You can even add backgrounds to buttons and grids.


Communicate: SymWriter features

  • The Widgit Symbol set in colour and black & white
  • Speech support
  • Drag and drop additional graphics from thumbnail previews
  • Spell-checking with symbols
  • Smart Symbolising based on part of speech
  • Adjustable text and symbol size
  • Show symbol choices, even in text mode
  • Import graphics to support specific words
  • Easy creation of grids for writing
  • Freeform grids
  • Full access for one or two switches and switch scanning


Windows: Compatible with WinXP and later versions

Mac: No Switch Access: Yes

Recommended for: Activities Building, Communication and Word Processing