MK Prosopsis

Tobii Gaze Viewer


Tobii Gaze Viewer software allows you to record real tracking data. Use alongside a Tobii eye gaze camera to track and assess the level of interaction and understanding displayed by a user.

Easy To Use.

Tobii Gaze Viewer acts as an assessment tool for the teacher, parent or anyone else wanting to gain a better understanding of what a person is capable of achieving through eye gaze. The reports take only a few minutes to generate and can be understood by all.

Stress Free Assessment

You can record eye gaze data both within eye gaze specific software (such as Look to Learn) or watch eye gaze interaction, real time, in a any application. For example, you can get a user to watch their favourite video and track their eye movement and focus. Using material familiar to the individual could make for a more stress free assessment. The software can be used to assess the users cognitive and access ability from simple engagement with the screen to more complex cause and effect reactions.


The software records what the user has looked at, focused on and in what order. Each point is plotted onto a clear visual with a heat map superimposed on the top of the application used for assessment.



The data gathered in the assessment can be saved and stored both as a single image and as a a movie, with audio, for playback.


You can learn what content motivates and engages somebody and if they are able to respond appropriately to instruction.


The reports within Tobii Gaze Viewer are easy to create and compile. They can provide a development record for an individual user and help to demonstrate how that person has improved over time.


Windows: Compatible with Win7 and later versions

Mac: No Switch Access: No

Recommended for: Access