MK Prosopsis



MindFull is a tool to support the creation and editing of Concept Maps. It has been specifically developed to support people with disabilities, e.g. dyslexia. We have tried to keep the complexity of the program down whilst still retaining the functionality of a Concept Mapping program. In order to understand the principles we have made the help and manual for MindFull as a set of Concept Maps for you to explore, providing the information in an accessible format, rather than in a print manual.

The software enables you to:
-Brainstorm your ideas.
-Create exercises and games to aid learning.
-Turn visual thoughts into a linear essay.

You can do this by:
-Using images, arrows/links, text and so on.
-Creating "Sound Maps" where the each node/idea on the Concept Map can have a (user) recorded sound associated with it.
-Linking Concept Maps together so that a node/idea on one concept map can take to you another.
-Outputting your Concept Map to Microsoft Word.


Windows: Compatible with Win98 and later versions

Mac: Non-Compatible Switch Access: No

Recommended for: Concept Mapping and Primary Education