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Supernova Reader Magnifier

SuperNova Screen Reader (formerly Hal Screen Reader)

What is SuperNova Screen Reader?

Developed for blind computer users, Hal is a software screen reader that works by reading the screen interactively and communicating through a speech synthesiser or a refreshable Braille display.

Who uses SuperNova Screen Reader?

Hal has been developed for blind computer users, at home, at work and in education.

Key Benefits of SuperNova Screen Reader

  • Hal talks as you type, announcing words or characters so you can check what you write.
  • A single key allows you to read an entire document, email or web page.
  • Fast and accurate multilingual Braille output for text at your fingertips*.
    (Grade 1 & 2 computer or literary Braille supported).
  • Access complex websites with ease by choosing to list links, headings or frames.
  • Read image labels, font styles, Windows menus and icons for easy navigation.
  • Full support of popular applications including PDF documents, form filling, PowerPoint, Word & Email.
  • Customise the speed and volume of the voice and control the level of detail and punctuation that is spoken or sent to Braille.
  • Focus highlight and on-screen Braille assists those with residual vision, sighted teachers & helpers.
  • True multi language support, choice of over 20 languages and different synthesiser languages.
  • Quality synthesiser included, delivering clear speech and intelligent pronunciation even at high speeds.
  • Automatic software updates via the Internet ensure you always use the latest version.
  • Works with most applications from the box, others can usually be mapped.
  • Includes SAM (Synthesiser Access Manager) for easy support of third-party synths and Braille displays.
  • Runs on many operating systems, network installations, Terminal Server and Citrix support.
  • Choice of control panel for accessing features and functions and user selectable range of hotkey shortcuts provide ease of use and requires minimal training.

SuperNova Screen Reader Features

  • Speech

High Quality Human Voices Included
Choice of Character Echo, Word echo etc.
Adjust voice speed and volume
Text Style Announcements
Announce Text Under Mouse
Read From Here
Click and Read From Here
Speech when Form Filling on webpages
Speech at Logon

  • Screen Reader

Dolphin Cursor
Quick Navigation Keys
Item Finder
Preset Verbosity Schemes
Create Bespoke Verbosity Settings

  • Braille

Supports a wide range of Serial, USB & Bluetooth Braille Displays
Computer & Literary Braille, Grades 1 & 2
Supports Physical & Logical Braille
Literary Braille input
Braille Verbosity Schemes
Show Braille on Screen

  • Magnifier

Doc Reader

  • Visual

Highlighting Options (Mouse, Cursor, Focus, Read From Here, Dolphin Cursor)
Large High Contrast Mouse Pointers

  • General

Fully accessible control panel
Application Settings
Situation Settings
Setup Wizard
Updates available via the Internet
Supports Dolphin Scripts
Application Sensitive Dolphin Help

Windows: Compatible with Win98 and later versions

Mac: Non-Compatible Switch Access: No

Recommended for: Visual Impairment