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FonoView - Oral Communication in Real Time


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FonoView facilitates the evaluation and monitoring of oral communication in real time. Use its acoustic spectrum graphs to observe and compare vocal production and modify specific aspects of speech.

Main Advantages :

- Easy to use.

- Compatible with VoxMetria; files can be shared between programs.

- High resolution spectrum analysis; a tool to transcribe voice and speech data is included.

- Side-by-side speech comparisons.

- Visual and auditory monitoring of speech.

- Simple process to analyze sound (.wav) files no need to register a new client (bypass).

- Displays fundamental frequency (F0) value in real time next to the spectral graph.

- Fundamental frequency contour and formants can be viewed as a graphical representation.

- Sound Editor included so you can listen, cut, copy, paste, and zoom.

- Graphs may be printed for accurate documentation.


FonoView Demo Version - This is the full version of the software. You can use it for a limited amount of time

In order to use the software you will need to have on your computer

- Graphic card with supporting 800 x 600 pixel resolution or higher
- Sound Blaster compatible sound card
-  Sound card, microphone, and speakers (not included)


FonoView allows unlimited sound recording and playback and can provide high resolution spectrum analysis with a wide choice of frequency bands and frequency resolutions. There is a special feature that allows changing sound gain by sliding the ruler on the top of the main screen.

The clinican can record, stop, play and save the sound files and visualize the spectrum trace, fundamental frequency (Hz) and the harmonic formants in the same screen. A tool to transcribe voice and speech data is also included.


The software automatically extract F0, allowing the clinican to visualize the Fundamental frequency contour and formants as a graphical representation.

FonoView calculates the Power Spectrum (FFT) in real-time, allowing the clinican identify the maximum frequencies and the noise content of a voice production. Besides that, you can visualize the LTAS (Long Term Average Spectrum).


The comparison screen allows the analysis of concomitant data from two files showing the spectrogram,f0 and formants trace, enabling clinician and client to see, listen and discuss the differences between the two voice outputs and also to follow the treatment process.

All the graphs may be printed for accurate documentation.

Windows: Compatible with Windows XP, Vista,7
Mac: No Switch Access: No

Recommended for: Speech and Language Therapy