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Dolphin Pen


What is Dolphin Pen?

The first Pen in the World that offers true freedom and independence. Take your favourite Dolphin Access software with you from PC to PC without having to install (available for Lunar, LunarPlus, Hal, Supernova or EasyTutor).

Who uses Dolphin Pen?

The Dolphin Pen will benefit any visually impaired computer user that desires the flexibility to work on any standard PC. Useful for students and employees who use different desks.


Key Benefits of Dolphin Pen

Leading the way:

  • Dolphin is the pioneer of the use of USB thumb drives in Assistive Technology, introducing the first Dolphin Pen in May 2005
  • In May 2009, Dolphin released Dolphin Pen II, a more robust version free from corruption and malware. This assures all users that Dolphin uses the most up-to-date USB technology in the Dolphin Pen

Use your software on any PC:

  • With the Dolphin Pen, you can take your magnification, speech and Braille support with you to any PC*you use without having to install software or carry CDs.
  • The Dolphin Pen is a small, sleek, lightweight yet robust device that can fit in your pocket, or be worn as a pendant.
  • With the Dolphin Pen, you only need one user licence. Because you are no longer tied to dedicated computers, the Dolphin Pen is perfect for school, library and university environments.
  • Take your settings with you: The Dolphin Pen remembers your personal preferences which can then be used on every PC you work on.

Easy to use:

  • The Dolphin Pen is extremely easy to use and quick to setup. Simply plug-in and play*.

No compromise on functionality:

  • The Dolphin Pen includes full versions of Dolphin software without compromise on features or functionality**.

Dolphin Pen II:

  • The Dolphin Pen II has been designed to be free from corruption and malware
  • Two partitions separate what is writable, and what is read only
  • Full access to the Internet Updater through Dolphin Pen II means you won't be missing out on additional functionality with your Dolphin software
  • Dolphin Pen II has been put through its paces with 6 months testing in Africa, where malware and computer viruses remain prevalent, passing with flying colours

*For a computer to be Pen Friendly the Dolphin interceptor( email us to send you the lastest version of the interceptor) software must be installed.

The following Dolphin products are available on the Dolphin Pen:SuperNova Magnifier, SuperNova Reader Magnifier, SuperNova Screen Reader,SuperNova Access Suite


Dolphin Pen Features

The Dolphin Pen incorporates the same functionality as the CD licence versions of Dolphin software (there is one exception to this as EasyTutor on a Pen does not include scanning capabilities).

The 2nd generation of the Dolphin Pen has been designed with the aim of being incorruptible; the hardware is a partitioned USB pen drive. The first partition is read-only and is where the critical components of the Dolphin software are stored and protected from corruption. The second partition is a writable partition and allows our users to save and take their bespoke set of Dolphin settings from PC to PC. The Dolphin Pen II still allows users to receive their free updates via the Dolphin Internet updater, despite the secure partition.

Windows: Compatible with Win2000 and later versions

Mac: Non-Compatible Switch Access: No

Recommended for: Visual Impairment