MK Prosopsis



This program is mainly based on the psychological findings made by Jean Piaget in relation with learning how to calculate. Thus special attention is given to the pre-numeric range which is the basis of a thorough understanding of figures.

The exercises in the section ‘up to 10’ offer basic operations with figures as well as other options such as addition/ subtraction, twin numbers or completing the sum of 10. The exercises in the section ’10 onwards’ contain calculations up to the value of 100. Animations on the screen used in the easier exercises facilitate learning. Graphs of the progress made may be drawn up and printed out.

Target group
- pre-schools and primary schools;
- people of all ages who have difficulties with calculating (dyscalculia, ..);
- special schools;
- mentally handicapped persons using it as an educational program.

Operating modes
The program may be operated via mouse or keyboard and, in addition, via alternative input
devices such as switches and joysticks. The scanning feature allows people with severe
physical coordination problems to operate the program either with just one or with more

Archimedes English Evaluation Version -This is the full version of the software. You can use it only for 14 days

Windows: Compatible with Win98 and later versions

Mac: Non-Compatible Switch Access: No

Recommended for: Primary Education