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Communication Software with Greek Synthesized Voice


The First Communication Software with Greek Synthesized Voice is a reality!

A great transformation of an outstanding existing Communication Software that has been used with great success in English and many other languages.

The Beta version is estimated to be ready in Mid-May 2005.

This software comprises an integrated tool for communication and computer access with capabilities of Symbol and Text Communication. It enables the user to build sentences either with symbols or text and speak out phrases - NOW in GREEK - by selecting them.

The software allows completely free design of cells layout - onscreen keyboard, syllables, concept and words organisation. Cells can be easily linked and form concepts and word banks.

Used with a portable unit (tablet pc and notebook) the software will become a powerful and innovating device for augmentative communication. It will be the first authentic solution for Greek speaking people with difficulties in verbal communication.

This fist Communication Device as a whole stand alone system will immediately follow the publication of the Communication Software with Greek Synthesized Voice.

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