MK Prosopsis

Writing Aids

Our Writing Aids range is comprised by many different categories and types. Below is just a sample of a few items from our Writing Aids range that makes your everyday life easier. For the complete collection please contact us.


Dexball Small / Dexball Large
Dexball is a unique writing aid that gives anyone with a grip or wrist problem the ability to write accurately at a desired angle. Manufactured from high density foam, Dexball uses an innovative method to hold the pen or pencil securely in position.


T Bar Brush Holder
The T-Bar Brush Holder provides leverage and added stability for an art brush.

Art Tool Holder
These innovative art tools provide adaptive holding methods to paint with ease. The Universal Art Tool Holder (cuff) fits right or left hand, and holds the art brush in palmar pocket using the plastic 'L' attachment. It's made of soft nylon neoplush and has a Velcro closure.

Weighted Universal Holder
Adult / Child
These helpful holders have plastic vinyl contoured handles for improved grasp and control. They securely hold most round or irregularly shaped items by means of three adjustable set screws.

Takes most of the tremor and muscle pain out of handling a pen. One finger goes through the ring creating a solid grip and the ergonomically designed barrel provides a natural resting place for the writing finger. The barrel fits snugly between two other fingers so there is no pressure or pain. Can also be used as a toe pen.


PenAgain Ergo Soft Grip
Extra-soft, pliable surface makes it even easier to hold this PenAgain writing instrument. Perfect for patients with limited grasp.

Mounted Scissors
This device has scissors mounted on a plastic base, with rubber non-slip feet. The scissors are operated by depressing the 'T' shaped handle and the spring will automatically reopen the blades once the pressure is released. Suitable for use by those with only one functional hand.

Self Opening Scissors
Self-Opening Scissors look like conventional style scissors but have been fitted with a spring so that they automatically reopen after pressure is released. They are supplied with a blade guard and are available in either left handed (or right handed styles. Blades are round ended, stainless steel.



Mini Easy-Grip Scissors
Two thirds of the size of standard Easy-Grip Scissors - 30mm round ended stainless steel blade -In most cases can be used in either left or right hand

Easy-Grip Scissors
Lightweight and easy to use - Continuous loop plastic handle automatically reopens the scissor when pressure is released - Operated by squeezing gently using thumb and fingers, or fingers and palm of the hand

Self Opening Long Loop Scissors
Long loop handle allows the strength of middle, ring and little finger to be used whilst the index finger is placed outside the loop and used for guidance  - Superb control of cutting action achieved through maintenance of grip position
 - Spring fitted to automatically reopen the scissors after pressure has been released.


Dual Control Training Scissors
- The double loops on each handle allow a teacher and child to simultaneously complete the cutting action  - The child uses the loops furthest from the blade, whilst the teacher uses the other loops to assist with any necessary control, force or guidance  - Ideal for use with children with reduced grip strength, visual perceptual difficulties or tremor


Playing Card Holder
- Ideal for use by people who have poor grip
- It consists of two plastic discs held together by a spring - simply put the cards in the card holder and turn the disks - the cards will form a perfect fan  -Once sorted, the card holder will then grip the cards throughout the game, in suite, run or colour

Push down Table Scissors
Fitted with two "T" shaped handles:
- Scissors are used either by depressing the handle with the scissor in a stable position, or by "scooting" it across the table - Spring automatically reopens scissor when pressure is released

Reading Rulers
No other similar product combines so much that helps people - children and adults alike - who are affected by visual stress.

Launched in 2004 to provide a user-friendly alternative for Irlen syndrome sufferers who resist using the more intrusive large overlays, these reading rulers are now in over 50% of the schools in the UK. FEATURES:
 1) A sufficiently wide range of colors to meet the needs of all children who will benefit
from using a colored overlay product       2) Tinted strips on the edge of the ruler and not as a central “letterbox”, ensuring that context is not lost.          3) A choice of single line or paragraph depth tracking, differentiating individual needs and ensuring that fluency can be achieved while using the reading ruler.    4) One side matt coated, one side gloss; again allowing for individual preference



The Pen/Pencil Grip
Encourages writing with full hand/arm action. Pear shaped design promotes correct gripping and prevents finger cramping and user discomfort. Fits any standard pencil or pen. For right or left handed users. Packs of 3

Pen/Pencil Holder
This soft PVC moulding slides on to normal sized pens and pencils to make them easier to grip and control writing.
Internal diameter 8mme – Comes in packs of 3