MK Prosopsis

Training Manuals


Study Questions, Laboratory & Field Activities

By Beth Sulzer-Azaroff, Ph.D., Richard K. Fleming, Ph.D. & Sonia Mashikian, M.A. Provides a wide array of "study questions," targeting every key concept in The Pyramid Approach. Newcomers to the approach will learn to perform the skills proficiently by participating in carefully designed and tested simulations under "laboratory" conditions as well as, under guidance, within actual field settings. Read; study; learn; practice; succeed.

A Picture's Worth

A new easy-to-understand guide to PECS and overview of other communicaton systems. reviews verbal communication development and how autism affects those skills.many real-life case studies, along with a series of PECS lessons , help support parents getting started and maintaining a program. 150pages.

Turn Around Bright Eyes - Liane Gentry-Skye

Drawn from memories and journal entries Liane describes her journey into helping one of her two autistic sons to communicate with PECS. A good resource for schools and parents, an example of how non-verbal does not mean unable to communicate. "A beautiful story, lovingly written." --Andrew Bondy, Ph.D. Co-developer of PECS.

Lesson Plans for Young Children with Autism

This manual is the perfect resources for any individual that instructs young children. It contains close to 100 ready-to-use lesson plans that teach students skills in the following life areas: school, communication, self-help, social, domestic, leisure and community. This manual also assists teachers in writing aaditional lesson plans within the Pyramid Approach to Education by providing detailed explanations and examples.

The Pyramid Approach to Education 2nd edition

Andy Bondy & Beth Sulzer-Azaroff.Newly updated and extended. A clear & straightforward explanation of the Pyramid approach, developed by Dr Bondy after many years experience of helping teachers and parents to be more effective educators. 235 pages.

Picture Exchange Communication System(PECS) Training Manual 2nd Edition

Lori frost has revised the PECS Manual up-dating and extending the scope of the original into a truly comprehensive 400 page guide to the successful implementation of PECS. This manual includes information on the rationale for and the carrying out of each phase. Instructions for constructing the pictures, discrimination training tips, data sheets, and a PECS parent handout are also included.