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What is TrackerPro?
TrackerPro is a computer input device that takes the place of a mouse for people with little or no hand movement. Simply plug it in and it works just like a mouse (no additional software required). Anything that can be done with a regular hand mouse can be done by using TrackPro (in conjunction with one of many clicking solutions).

How does it work?

Plug Tracker Pro into the mouse/USB port (instead of a mouse) and mount it on top of a computer screen, laptop, or augmentative communication device. Tracker Pro then tracks a tiny reflective dot worn on your forehead or glasses. When you move your head, Tracker Pro elegantly converts that into computer mouse movement, and you move your mouse cursor. Clicking can be accomplished by using ability switches, or dwell click software such as MagicCursor2000. Dwell technology, built into many AAC devices also works to let you click.

It is a high-resolution intelligent camera in a solid aluminum enclosure, making it smooth, reliable, stand-alone, robust, accurate and easy to mount. Tracker is not a tow meant for the gaming market and then sold to people with disabilities as a secondary thought; it is dedicated assistive technology designed exclusively for people with limited use of their hands.

Disabilities Addressed

Tracker Pro is ideally suited to persons with, but not limited to: quadriplegia, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease (ALS), Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and any other disability where the user has little or no control of their hands to use a standard mouse.

A Tracker in the Palm of Your Hand

Tracker Pro is the smallest model in the Tracker family, yet still featuring all of the Tracker Series` smoothness, accuracy, performance in outdoor light, price, ease of use and mounting. It is ideal for clients that want to use their head movement to access their computer or communication device.

Miniaturised by customer`s request and still retaining superb mounting and adjustability of the Tracker bigger brothers. Fits in the palm of your hand.

Mounting Tracker Pro has never been easier. With the small size of Tracker Pro you will be able to mount it to your desktop, laptop or Augmentative Communication device quickly and efficiently. The lighter weight of Tracker Pro, allows it to be mounted using channel lock (or "super Velcro") to provide a very strong, yet easily detachable mount. The popular hook mount can also be used.

Hi-Res CCD Camera: Ultra smooth, pixel perfect tracking. You can use Tracker for drawing, drafting, or any other application requiring fine cursor control.
45 Degree Field of View: You can sit anywhere that is comfortable in front of the computer, and Tracker will automatically find you.
Horizontal or Vertical Mounting: You can use the same Tracker on any type of computer: desktop or laptop. The swivel camera ball makes it very easy for pointing the camera.
USB: Standard across all platforms, USB simplifies your connection.
Plug & Play: No software is required. Just plug Tracker into the USB port of your computer and you're done.
Sunlight Compatibility: No more annoying jumpiness due to interference from sunlight - in fact, you can even use Tracker One in direct sunlight.
Intellipoint Compatible: You can scroll easily by simply moving your head up and down - much easier than constantly having to click on the scroll buttons.
Front LED Indicators: Small lights on the front make it easy to know when Tracker sees a dot. It even indicatest which direction you are moving when in joystick mode.