MK Prosopsis

Stile Tray


A highly motivating, self-checking teaching aid for pupils aged 7 and upwards. Thousand of teachers and pupils all over the country are already enjoying the benefits of this simple yet effective approach to skill reinforcement and practice. The colourful tiles of the Stile Tray, along with our attractive, imaginative books, enable pupils to practise essential skills and check their knowledge thoroughly without becoming board or discouraged. Covering the main word, sentence and text level requirements of the NLS, it offers a complete term-by-term solution for each class from Year 3 to Year 6. Available in subject packs, year packs and multipacks.

The stile tray is the key to the self-checking activities. Pupils answer the questions by simply placing each of the 12 numbered tiles on the appropriate square on the base of the tray. When all the tiles have been placed, they close the tray, turn it over, and re-open it to reveal a geometric pattern. If the answers are all correct, the pattern will match the one printed at the top of the exercise.