MK Prosopsis


Stands: The ColorCards® Display Stand is an ingenious device with a large number of uses. Specially designed to display ColorCards, or any other cards, they are available in packs of four or eight. The stands have been cleverly designed so that as they clip together they gently arc round to reduce the visual scanning range. Up to eight display stands can be joined together at any one time.

Ideal for people who have visual disabilities: eliminates any reflective glare often seen when cards are laid flat on a table.

Ideal for those with attention difficulties (cards are out of reach but easily visible).

Can be used with all sets of ColorCards, as well as with cards from various language tests, assessments and other activities.

Invaluable when working in pairs or small groups.

An innovative piece of equipment that will create even more ways to use ColorCards for language teaching.

Display Stands

Contents: 4 or 8 stands 225 x 175mm