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Speech Sondes


Speech Sondes are mechanical speech therapy tools that are used during speech therapy for correcting-creating different sounds.

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In the field of speech therapy science, Speech Sondes are not something new. Lately, their use is becoming more and more necessary across Europe, while in the USA and other countries like Australia similar tools are being developed to assist speech therapists in their work of forming sounds or correcting wrong articulation and sounds

Each Speech Sonde has multiple functions. On one hand, they are used for tongue placement and sound formation and on the other hand for intraoral use and massaging the speech organs. Sondes act in a mechanical way. Each Speech Sonde is applied on a specific spot on the speech organs and thus causes movement or placement of the speech organ, which is necessary for producing the desired sound. By using these tools, it is easier and quicker to place the speech organ and so the person receiving therapy (child Ė adult) understands more easily where the organís placement and movement spot is.

Each Sonde has different shape and is used for a different sound. They are designed for painless use and adjustment to a personís oral cavity. A set contains 6 pieces. Their position inside the case corresponds to their numeration from 1 to 6.

Speech Sonde No 1         Marble

Speech Sonde No 2         Rhombus

Speech Sonde No 3         Triangle with extension

Speech Sonde No 4         Square with torsion

Speech Sonde No 5         Square

Speech Sonde No 6         Spatula

Each package of Speech Sondes contains instructions manual in four languages German, English, French, Greek.

The Speech Sondes are made of special stainless steel.
The configured wire (1.20 mm) is AISI302.
The grip AISI316 (6.00 mm)
CE MD 10.19

Click here to see a more detailed video on their use