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SmartNav AT


The SmartNav 4 AT is a total hands-free mouse solution. With built-in Dwell Clicking Softwareand a free On-screen Keyboard . The AT package is used successfully by people with ALS, spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, and other special needs.

The latest version of SmartNav continues to provide complete computer independence for the lowest price on the market.

SmartNav 4 Improved Features

  • Sleek aluminum case, with innovative mounting options including 1/4-20 thread mounts for standard tripods
  • Three times the resolution, resulting in more precise tracking
  • Improved light filtering

Complete Computer Control
SmartNav comes with everything you need to control your computer using only your head motion.

This package is the ideal solution for Assistive Technology applications as it provides everything needed to have complete control of your computer without the need for hands.

Natural Motion
SmartNav was designed to complement the natural head motion you already perform when looking around. Moving your head less than a quarter inch easily maneuvers the cursor across your entire screen.

Dwell Clicking
You can left click, double click, drag, right click, and more - with our "dwell clicking toolbar" software application..

Virtual Keyboard
You can type on your computer screen with Click-N-Type virtual keyboard program.

Switch Input
You can plug a click switch or a footswitch directly into the back of the SmartNav. With the Y Breakout Cable (included), you can plug in separate click switches for left and right clicking.


Infrared light is emitted from the LEDs and is reflected back to the imager by a corner cube reflector (3M safety material). This reflected light is imaged by a CMOS sensor and the video signal is passed to the preprocessing electronics. The video signal is thresholded against a reference level and all passing data is sent to the USB microcontroller to send to the PC for object tracking. In order to increase the signal to noise ratio an IR filter that passes only 800nm and above is placed between the imager lens and the outside world.

The SmartNav can image any IR source; typically this is reflective material or an active IR source such as an LED. A user may track many different objects by placing reflective dots or LEDs on the object. The SmartNav has a 45 degree field of view and anything being tracked must stay in that field of view.