MK Prosopsis



Improved Readable, makes it possible to read a book in any position, easily and without help!

Suitable for reading a pocket-sized to A4 sized (telephone book size) book!

Everything from comic book to computer manual are Readable®!
It used to be difficult a book while lying on the bed, but not a problem with the Readable® to read.

With the growing trend towards improving the quality of life of the disabled and elderly people, the role of caregiver has become increasingly important.

Reading is easy for the able bodied, but can be very difficult for those with disabilities.

Until now, assisting people to read has not attracted much attention.

Based on the idea of improving quality of life, the readable has been developed for people who would like to read anytime at their own pace and without assistance.

Readable® operation specifications:

The basic operation for turning pages with Readable® consists of three commands:

  • Right to turn over the page on the right
  • Left to turn over the page on the left
  • Escape to move the roller unit to the left or to the right when the shadow cast by roller unit makes it difficult to read.

There are also the commands:

  • Paper thickness to take care of different thickness of paper and paper qualities
  • Slacken remove to eliminate any slack left after turning over a page

Readable® comes with a table stand.


Special functions:
- Paper thickness: Uses more pressure while rolling up thicker papers.
- Slacken: Adjust paper quality, eliminate slack remaining after turning pages, such as the pages of a large magazine.
- Prevent paper tearing:When a paper is jammed between the rollers, a sensor stops the device to prevent tearing.
- Warning light:
- When problems occurs while using the device, the LEDS on the readable start flashing indicating the alarm.

Applicable book size:
From pocket sized book (approximately 300 pages) to A4 size (approximately 300 pages) (approximately 400 pages of comics is also possible)

Size (body): length 567mm, width 450mm, height 330mm
Weight: 6.5kg (including table stand)
Power supply and consumption: 100-230v AC, approximately 5W



Readable Remote Controlled Type



  • Operate by IR remote control.
  • Adjustable for paper thicknes and paper quality without assistance. (This makes it possible to read thick books orbooks with different paper qualities)
  • Select direct operation or scan operation mode.
  • Direct operation: Suitable when user can operate six buttons of the remote controller.
  • Scan operation: Switch to scan mode. Using automatic scan, the device will cycle through the six different functions. Select the desired action by pushing a button.
  • The scan speed is adjustable

Bed stand for Readable®: Assistand


Using the Assistand for Readable® is more convenient than placing Readable® on a bedside table.
Adjustable angle and height makes it easy to set the Readable® in almost any position.

With Assistand, Readable® can be set to either side of the bed.
Casters attached to Assistand (with braking functionality) makes it easy to move the stand around the room and fix in the desired position.

With the optional angle bar it is possible to tilt the readable vertically, this is interesting for users who lie on their side in bed.

In Action