MK Prosopsis

Personal Items

The UltraCane is an electronic mobility aid for use by visually impaired people that delivers a "step forward" in assistive mobility aids. The UltraCane gives mobility assistance to blind and partially-sighted people by emitting ultrasonic waves.Ultrasonic waves are emitted through two transducers on the handle of the UltraCane and bounce off objects and obstructions in the path of the user.

Touch Memo

A digital voice labeler for the visually impaired. Just touch label, record memo and touch for playback …over 83 hours of recording time Use to label and identify everyday household items, your CD collection, groceries (including tin cans and freezer items), medicines and even clothing (washable labels included). You may also use it as a personal organizer, recording diary events and for identifying important documents.

Talking Colour Detector

Very light and easy to use, this device has a wide range of useful applications from checking the colour of clothes to the ripeness of fruit while shopping! Simply select one of the three available volume levels and hold the front of the unit against almost any surface - paper, cloth, wood, plastic etc and the colour will be spoken. The device uses our own high quality speech system and is available in several languages. Supplied with a clip on cover to protect the sensors while being carried in a pocket and an earphone which turns the speaker off to avoid disturbing others. The cover clips onto the back of the case when the device is being used. The case has been ergonomically designed for both right and left handed use and can be held comfortably in several different ways.

Powered by 1 x PP3 9v alkaline battery (supplied).

Voila Talking Label Reader

The reader is supplied with 50 self adhesive labels which can be stuck, tied or sewn onto the items to be identified. The device is simply wiped along the label, which is moulded to act as a guide for the reader. The user then speaks the name they wish to give the item. To identify the object in the future the reader is again wiped along the label whereupon it will speak the previously recorded name. Names can be changed or deleted so labels can be re-used as many times as required. Extra labels are available in sheets of 50. The reader can identify a maximum of 250 different labels and multiple copies of the same label can be used i.e. it would be possible to have 5 tins of peas all with label number 20 and they would all respond with the same name.

Powered by 2 x AA alkaline battery - supplied.


Voila Accessory Pack

This pack contains labels 51-249 (4 sheets) plus 40 magnetic labels, 30 velcro labels, 80 cable ties of assorted sizes and 40 elastic bands. These allow labels to be re-used on tins, packets, clothing, freezer packets etc.

Talking Ear Thermometer

Simply insert the probe into the ear and press the "Read" button. Temperature will be spoken in deg C within 2 seconds. The last 30 readings are stored and can be recalled at any time. Provided with spare hygienic disposable probe covers. Also functions as a talking clock with calendar display. Complete with protective table stand.

Talking Pedometer

Enter the average length of one step then, when clipped to a belt or pocket or carried while you walk or run, this device will tell you at the press of a button how far you have travelled.

The pedometer also includes a talking alarm with a choice of 4 sounds, which can be set to sound at any time of day, and a selectable music function which plays at a speed dependent on how quickly you walk.

Powered by 1 x CR2025 Lithium battery (included).

Talking Blood Pressure Monitor

A fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measuring device. This very compact unit uses the latest fuzzy logic electronics to ensure that the cuff only inflates in proportion to your blood pressure.
Single button operation turns the unit on, announces that the measurement has begun, inflates the cuff, announces your blood pressure and pulse, deflates the cuff and turns the unit off.
Very clear voice. The previous 8 measurements can be displayed and the last one can be spoken.
Supplied with protective case, batteries and European/U.K. mains adaptor.

Size: 13cm (5") x 7.7cm (3") x 4.5cm (1.75")
Powered by 4 x AA 1.5v Alkaline batteries or the mains adaptor.

Talking Calculator with Earphone

A basic function calculator with percentage and memory keys.
This calculator features a large clear display, adjustable volume, selectable unit for digit results, selectable speech on/off, large tactile keys and an earphone which disconnects the speaker when plugged in for private use.

Powered by 2 x AA size batteries(optional supply).

Talking Pocket Calculator

10 digit calculator with talking alarm clock.
Date is also displayed but not spoken.
Space inside lid for photo.
Cover closes to prevent accidental key operation when in pocket or bag.

Size 69mm wide x 117mm high x 14mm thick (2.71" x 4.6" x 0.56").

Powered by 1 x CR2025 Lithium battery (included).

Voice Mate Organiser

The Voice Mate has been designed to provide full speech output for all functions making it exceptionally easy to use. It is available with either 40 minutes or 80 minutes recording time.

It functions as a telephone/address book, telephone dialler, memo taker, diary, appointment book, calculator and alarm clock.
Telephone numbers, addresses and appointments can be accessed using voice recognition and numbers can be dialled automatically using the built in autodialler.
Memos can be fully edited.

Using the optional data link information can be saved on a computer and software updates can be downloaded from the internet.
Flash memory means no data loss even if batteries go flat.

Stores up to 650 names and addresses but please note that the maximum recording time of 40 minutes or 80 minutes, shared between all the functions, will limit the actual number of entries.

Powered by 4 x AAA batteries. Can be supplied with or without batteries.

Voice Mate Leather Case

A well made leather case designed to protect the "Voice Mate" organiser and prevent accidental operation of the buttons.
It is still possible to operate the mode and speech buttons if required.

The wallet is fitted with a belt clip.

Voice Mate Data Link

This data link consists of a cable to connect your organiser to a PC to enable you to back up the organiser data files and restore them back into the organiser whenever required.
A 9 pin to 25 pin adaptor is included to enable you to connect to the PC's serial port.

Please note that the software requires any version of Microsoft Windows and will not operate under DOS. The backed up files cannot be manipulated on the PC as they are not stored as text files.

DialTalk Pocket Telephone Dialler

This remarkable device removes the difficulties associated with dialling and makes special or large button telephones unnecessary.
Use the keypad to enter telephone numbers - each digit is spoken as you enter it.
If you make a mistake you can step back and delete digits as required.

Once the number has been entered pressing the "SPEAK" button will read back the whole number.

Lift the receiver on the telephone, place the Dialtalk close the mouthpiece and press "Dial" and the unit transmits the tones to the telephone to call the number.
There are 10 memories, adjustable volume, very clear English speech and a host of additional features which make this device a pleasure to use.
Works on tone or pulse telephones provided they are connected to a tone exchange.
Each memory can hold 15 digits and memories can be strung together for dialling very long numbers.

Powered by standard 9v PP3 battery which can be changed without data loss.
Warning of low battery power is provided by speech.

Please Note: Dialtalk is portable and needs no connection to the phone.

Anti-Glare Glasses

The wrap around glasses are made from durable, shatterproof polycarbonate.
They are designed to be worn with or without normal glasses and provide complete Ultraviolet protection by blocking 100% UVA and UVB.
They provide all round protection from glare with both top and side shields and are available tinted either grey, brown or green.

Complete with strong attractive protective pouch.

Polarising Anti-Glare Glasses

These are similar to our standard anti-glare glasses but the lenses are made from a polarising material which has the effect of reducing the glare from bright light being reflected from glass, water, snow or other particularly reflective surfaces.

Not recommended for driving as the lenses can distort the view through vehicle windows. Available tinted either green or brown.

Semi Wrap-Around Glasses

These stylish glasses with tortoise shell effect frames and dark grey UV protection lenses are designed to provide excellent protection from glare.
Their semi wrap around design provided good all round cover but please note that they are not designed to be worn over normal glasses and they do not have the top and side screens of our full wrap around models.

Complete with strong attractive protective pouch.



Adjustable Folding Stick

These hand made walking sticks are manufactured from strong aluminium tube with a comfortable wood handgrip.

They are adjustable between 33" and 37" in 1" steps and come complete with a wrist strap and storage wallet.

Shorter lengths are available on request.

Balltip Long Cane Tip

We have designed the Ball-Tip in response to our customers' requests for a device which would overcomes the limitations of all previous rotating cane tips. The Ball-Tip retains all the advantages of the rotating tip whilst offering the following improvements:

A spherical tip which rotates in all directions. This dramatically reduces wear as well as providing a smoother rolling action and increased sensitivity.

A larger 35mm ball, designed to reduce the chance of the tip catching in cracks, drains,etc.

A threaded shaft designed not to become accidentally unscrewed.

Strong moulded construction to prevent breakage of the shaft.

Completely enclosed shrouded bearing to protect against contamination