MK Prosopsis

Page Turner with table top stand

Page Turners with table top stand can turn the pages of tabloid newspapers, magazines, paperbacks, and hard backed books up to 50mm (2 inches) thick. This well-proven design uses a vacuum pump connected to a patented nozzle system to separate the pages. The system separates pages by using the specially shaped nozzle to suck up and slightly bend the corner of the top page - thus forcing the other pages away. A central wand then rotates and turns the page, flattening it ready for reading

Small version will turn the pages of magazines, paperbacks, and hardback books.

Large version will cope with the same range as the Small model and also tabloid newspapers. (Newspapers must first be clipped into the hard backed covers supplied with the unit, and then treated as a book to hold their loose-leaf format together).

Requires only a single switch operation to turn a page. (Many input switches may be selected to suit user. It can easily be controlled by most environmental control systems. Mounting systems may also be selected to suitably position the correct switch.)

Comes with a table top stand, fitted with heavy duty clamps for securing it near the edge of a table or trolley. After securing the unit, the angle and height of the machine can be adjusted (angle normally between 0-80 degrees to the horizontal). The vacuum pump box should preferably be positioned on the floor or under the bed.

Pump box is plugged into the domestic mains supply, and the voltage is transformed down to 24 volts on all working parts, for safety.