MK Prosopsis

Multi Match

Multi Match: Comprising two sets of identical pairs, Multi-Match has been designed for a wide variety of games, matching tasks and activities suitable for all work with children, adolescents and adults. The cards are very versatile, giving huge scope for activities such as pelmanism and lotto with all age groups. The Multi-Match system is completed with the addition of Lotto Clip Frames, which turn Multi-Match into an extensive and lasting lotto resource.

User group: Teachers and therapists working with groups or individuals in the area of personal development, learning disability or head injury.


96 pairs of images categorised into two areas: complex and simple. These cover subjects such as fruit, clothing, garden and transport



192 cards 95 x 95mmm + booklet

More Categories

This huge resource bank of 96 pairs of images will appeal to all age and ability levels. Includes four pairs of images for each category e.g. Spots: toy dog, mugs, dice and dominoes; Yellow: teapot, sunflowers, lemon and bath toy.


192 cards 95 x 95mmm + booklet

Lotto Clip Frames

The Lotto Clip Frame is a clever device specifically designed for use with Multi-Match cards. You can make up your own lotto baseboard using all or some of the 8 frames supplied, and define the content and difficulty of the matching task. For example, you can have a baseboard of objects beginning with the letter 'C', or items that are blue - the possibilities are endless.


Pack of 8 Lotto Clip Frames