MK Prosopsis

MightyMo & MiniMo


The MightyMo and MiniMo combine colour, dynamic displays screens with powerful communication and programming tools that make the MightyMo and MiniMo the clear choice when it comes to selecting digitized speech-output solutions.

The MightyMo is approximately 2.75 Kg and comes in a case made of tough plastic. The case has a strong gripping surface, easy-to-find ports, and a moisture-resistant faceplate. Average battery run time for typical use is 12 hours.

Weighing 1.5 Kg, the MiniMo has both a handle and a strap to make it easy to carry the device by hand or over the shoulder. Average battery run time for typical use is 8 hours.

Access Methods

  • Touch screen with adjustable hold/release times, touch-enter/exit modes, audio touch
  • Visual and audio scanning with auto, switch, 2-switch and inverse auto-scan options
  • Mouse pause and mouse click
  • Switch-joystick
  • Auto Zoom is available for touch enter selectors

Speech Output

  • Digitized speech and sound using the built-in microphone


  • Standard switch port - 2 jacks for standard switches
  • 2 USB type B function connectors
  • Speaker port for external speaker or private audio scanning
  • Integral microphone and external microphone jack for digitized speech and sound
  • Infrared for learning universal remote control