MK Prosopsis

MaxTrac Deluxe


The low profile of the MaxTrac Deluxe acts as a natural hand rest mirroring the natural contour of your hand.

Designed to easily accommodate both right and left-hand users, as well as different size hands.

You'll enjoy this trackball's ability to dynamically accelerate across the screen as the ball is turned.

No need to move your arm or rotate your wrist from side to side. The special "Ambidextrous Trackball" feature allows switching from left to right-handed use without changing your system settings.

-Native USB with adapter for PS/2
-100% Windows® XP, 2000, 98, 95, 3.1 and NT compatible
-Delivers comfort and performance for precise cursor control
-Drag Lock lets you drag and drop without holding a button down
-Stays stationary - takes up less space than required by a mouse