MK Prosopsis

Sequencing & Predicting

LDA cards: These language cards are especially designed to meet the receptive and expressive needs of young children and to engage their interest. We show children using the things children use and doing the things they do! This range includes photo cards which clearly depict real-life objects and situations, and picture cards with charming illustrations that will encourage story-telling and expressive language.

User group: The cards are versatile enough to be used by teachers, therapists and teaching assistants for group or individual work.

And Then?

Encourage thought and discussion with this set of 25 colourful picture stories, ideal for stimulating children’s imagination and inviting story-telling. Each sequence is between 5 and 7 cards long. Two question mark cards can be used to replace selected pictures to encourage observation and prediction.

Contains 144 cards (100 x 92mm) and teacher’s notes.

Tell About It

These 26 pictures are designed to encourage children of all ages to sequence, predict and tell the story. Each sequence is between 4 and 7 cards long. The stories vary in difficulty.


Contains 151 cards (90 x 90mm) and teacher’s notes.


An infinite number of stores are just waiting to come to life! Actors, scenes and objects may all be combined into exciting and amusing stories.

Contains 160 cards (90 x 90mm) and teacher’s notes.

Why? Because

These 20 pairs of cards encourage children to understand and explain cause and effect. Each pair depicts a familiar situation to help children develop specific language related question and answer and to build early sequencing skills. Present the cards one way to encourage prediction or the other way to develop inferencing skills.

Contains 40 cards (138 x 125mm).