MK Prosopsis



This allows up to 12 switches to be connected via the USB port.

The device is recognised by windows as a switch controlled USB joystick, so it can be used with any software that supports joysick input (such as The Grid and most games).

For software that does not support joystick input, the Switch Driver is provided to allow the switches to control the keyboard or mouse. This allows the switches to be used with any Windows software (and Windows itself).

The Switch Driver software for controlling the mouse, keyboard and other switch programs.

Play arcade-style computer games with switches

The Joybox allows all kinds of games that are normally controlled by a joystick or game controller to be played with switches instead. Some games, like Moto Cross Madness and Mid Town Madness, can be played effectively with just two switches (for example two head switches), while others, such a flight simulators require more.