MK Prosopsis

Integrated Touch Monitors


We offer the best quality of Magic Touch integrated touchscreen monitors. Desktop & open frame, LCD & CRT. Standard sizes available from 6.4" to 42". Custom integration service available. Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, ME, Mac 9.22-10.x, Linux

Made by integrating the Magic Touch screen into the monitors of highest quality.

A complete touch solution, yet the monitor, touch screen & controller can be serviced and replaced separately.

Can be activated on touch by almost anything - finger, fingernail, gloved hand or stylus.

Mouse can be used concurrently. An utility allows easy swap of left-right mouse-button functions.

Eliminates the electrostatic and significantly reduces the radiation generated from the monitor.

Excellent scratch resistance and chemical resistance. It may be cleaned with household cleaner.

Available for USB or Serial interface. Compatible - Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, 95, ME, NT, Linux, Mac.

Available for:

Desktop LCD Monitor

12" KTLC-12 W 15" KTLC-15T4 17" KTLC-17T2 17" KTLC-17PL 19" KTLC-19T 19" KTLC-19NA1 19" KTLC-19WNA widescreen 22" KTLC-22WNA widescreen 24" KTLC-24WNB widescreen 32" KTLC-32N1 widescreen

Open Frame LCD Monitor

6.4" KTLC-064OT 8.4" KTLC-084OP 10.4" KTLC-104OT 12.1" KTLC-121OT 15.1" KTLC-151OT 17" KTLC-170OT 19.1" KTLC-191OT 22" KTLC-220OT widescreen 26" KTLC-260OT widescreen 32" KTLC-320OT widescreen 37" KTLC-370OT widescreen 42" KTLC-420OT widescreen Desktop

CRT Monitor

17" KTSC-17V