MK Prosopsis

Household Products

Multi-Way Fluorescent Lamp

Available with either a heavy metal base or a G clamp fitting.
This sturdy 11 watt fluorescent lamp is ideal for those who require extra illumination for work or reading.
The 11 watt fluorescent tube does not get hot, making the unit particularly safe.
This lamp can be used with the heavy desk top base, with the clamp fitting or with the floor stand, all of which are supplied, making this a very versatile product.

Audible Spirit Level

Designed to enable the user to check that surfaces are either horizontal or vertical. It can be used as either a conventional spirit level with green and red LED lamps only or with lamps and audible tones to indicate when the device is horizontal. A high tone is produced if the left side is high, a low tone if the right side is high and no tone when the unit is level. A ruler can be pivoted to any angle and locked in place. When set to 90? this enables the device to check vertical surfaces. The bottom of the case has a 'V' shaped channel to locate it on curved edges such as pipes. Supplied with a protective pouch.

Powered by standard PP3 9v Alkaline battery. Supplied with or without batteries.

Talking Tape Measure

A 16ft (5 metre) tape measure with a resolution of 1mm - 1/16".
The measurement is spoken automatically in a clear English voice.
A press of a button adds the width of the case if required.
Measurements can be added to memory to enable total measurements up to 999.99 metres.
The memory is retained when the unit is switched off.
The tape can be set at zero at any position.
Readings can be taken in feet/inches, metres, centimetres or millimetres and can be converted at the touch of a button.

Powered by a standard PP3 9v Alkaline battery. Supplied with or without batteries.

Talking Timestat - AVAILABLE WITH 2 OR 7 TIMERS

This extremely versatile device has a host of features, including 2 independent timers adjustable individually for every day of the week, a thermostat and a frostat.
Any of these can be used separately or together to control a mains operated appliance up to a maximum rating of 2kw. i.e electric heaters, tape recorders, radios, lights, electric blankets, etc,etc.
The Timestat is very simple to set and use and has a very clear voice with volume control.
When plugged into a standard wall socket it charges its built in battery and will remember its settings for several months when disconnected.
The Timestat also functions as a talking clock and thermometer.
No batteries required.

Talking Video Remote Control

Designed to be very straight forward to use and incorporating our own high quality speech.
All the talking and programming functions are built into this handset which means that it will work with a range of standard video recorders.
The handset can be used as a standard remote control or can be programmed to record programmes at set times.
It is then left in the same room as the recorder and, at the appropriate times, send the appropriate signal to switch the recorder on & off.

Also functions as a talking clock. Powered by 4 x AA 1.5v Alkaline batteries. Supplied with or without batteries. Please Contact us for advice on suitable recorders.

Talking Video Remote Control with Video Recorder

The video remote control has been designed to work with a range of standard video recorders.
We can supply the remote complete with a suitable recorder if required.

The models we offer are produced by LG Electronics and differ from the one illustrated
LV213 is a basic model and LV880 has NICAM stereo.
Both are 240v/50Hz for use in the U.K.

Talking Bathroom Scale

Advanced strain gauge technology with computerised calibration, combined with its slim design make this scale a pleasure to use.
Simply stand on the scale - no switching on required.
Step off when requested and the scale will speak your weight then switch off automatically.
Speech volume is adjustable.
The English version speaks your weight in Stones & Pounds, Pounds or Kilos.
You can convert your weight between any units without having to re-weigh yourself.
Other languages are available which weight in metric units only.

Powered by a standard PP3 9v Alkaline battery. Supplied with or without batteries.

Talking Inside/Outside Thermometer

With a separate probe which can be led through a window to a point outside the house this device will announce both inside and outside temperatures in either centrigrade or farenheit.
It can also be set to do so at a selected time or every hour.
An alarm can be set to warn of temperatures above 38?C or below 0?C.
High and low temperatures can be stored either daily or between set time.

Powered by 2 x standard AAA 1.5v Alkaline batteries. Dimensions: Width 93m x Height 15cm x Depth 3cm.