MK Prosopsis

Gripability Xhand

The Gripability Xhand system was developed as a working aid for people with only one hand.

Using the Gripability Xhand a great variety of things can be fixed and held stable in such a way that handling them is easy or becomes possible at all.

The principle of Gripability Xhand:
Automatic grippers are attached to a variable friction arm to hold working materials, daily utensils and much more.
The system is designed to enable its user to open and close the grippers without occupying its free hand.

Changing the position of the friction arm can also be done with only one hand.

In a working process for example envelopes that need to be packed can be first jammed, then filled, taken out again and be placed back on the table.

An independent and continuous workflow can be achieved.

The concept of the Gripability Xhand aims to use the full potential of mobility and coordination and thereby encourage and train these abilities.