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Gripability e3 is an innovation in the field of gripping aids for people with limited hand function.
It is a new developed automatic Handling system for people with gripping and holding disabilities.

Gripability e3 enables its user to independently handle utensils like drinking vessels, cutlery, brushes and toothbrushes, pens and pencils and a lot more in the daily routine.

This sophisticated grasping aid allows handicapped people to grab things, use them in a stable hold, and then put them down again.

Handling items and dealing with various kinds of objects in everyday life becomes a pleasure. Gripability e3 opens up new dimensions of independence.

How does Gripability e3 operate?
To use Gripability e3 an automatically powered gripper is adapted to the hand or any other part of the body so that in consideration of his abilities its user gains the greatest possible control in reaching and handling items.
The opening and closing of the gripper is controlled by a switch chosen and adjusted to the individual needs of the challenged person using it. Multiple solutions like conventional hand switches, oral control panels or voice operated switches are practicable.

The system is powered by a mobile energy supply. With the pneumatic solution the air reservoirs are filled by using a compressor.

Who uses Gripability e3?
Any person, for whatever reason, unable to handle utensils firmly and securely.
This can be e.g. paralyzed people (quadriplegics - tetraplegics), amputees or muscle sick people.

Just all those whose grasping and holding abilities do not guarantee sufficient stability in daily handling routine.

Who developed Gripability e3?
The developer himself is a gripping and holding challenged person.
This is the reason why he has an extensive understanding for the problems that come with such a handicap and for possibilities to compensate the same.

Of course he has integrated Gripability e3 into his everyday life.