MK Prosopsis

First Phrases

First Phrases: Professionals working with speech- and language-delayed children will recognise the child who has acquired a spoken vocabulary of some 30 to 50 words, but is slow to make the transition to two-word linking. These brightly coloured and clearly illustrated First Phrases cards are designed to promote this crucial step in sentence building.

The cards can be photocopied and made into personalised booklets which parents and carers can use with the minimum of explanation.

Specifically designed for use with children who have expressive language delay, expressive language disorder, verbal dyspraxia - and also excellent for children with generally delayed language development and learning difficulties.

Of value to speech & language therapists, teachers and other professionals working with young children in clinics, playgroups, nurseries and special schools.

User group: Speech & language therapists, teachers, occupational therapists, educational psychologists, parents, carers, language teachers.

Our Possessions

This set focuses on noun phrases. The pictures depict possessions that belong to mummy, daddy, a boy, a girl and a teddy. Our Possessions gives intensive practice of the same phrase type, using everyday words that are among the earliest acquired by normally developing children.


72 A6-sized cards + instruction booklet

Familiar Objects

This second set depicts sets of chairs, beds, hats, bags and shoes. Each set shows different types of chair, bed, hat, bag and shoe belonging to different family members or to teddy. This set is best used as a sequel to Our Possessions. It provides extension practice in the same noun phrases. It also introduces a new idea - the adjective-noun construction 'More…' This makes it particularly valuable for concept building.


55 A6-sized cards + instruction booklet