MK Prosopsis


E-Quill-AirO2bi mouse: the first and only vertical Grip-Less mouse that provides a neutral and relaxed mouse behaviour.

The mouse and RSI
Extensive and intensive use of an ordinary mouse can lead to posture and overuse problems from the hand, through to the shoulder that can cause and develop into RSI. As a result pain, burning sensations, swelling, tingling and loss of physical strength, numbness and limited freedom of movement can occur in the limbs concerned. Many hours of clicking, pointing and holding of a regular mouse takes its toll. The only way to remove the mechanical stresses that cause these problems is by the use of bio mechanically designed tools, which are specifically developed to work the mechanical limitations of your body.

The E-Quill-AirO2bic
The E-Quill-AirO2bic is the first patented Grip-Less mouse. This means that the user can control the cursor without using the small muscles in the hand wrist and forearm that ordinary mice can damage. At the same time the E-Quill-AirO2bic eliminates what is technically called "pronation of the lower arm", which is the twisted position your hand is forced into by a regular mouse. Pronation reduces the blood flow into your hand, causes unnecessary tension in the lower arm and shoulder, and increases pressure on the nerves.

The position of the mouse button makes it easier for the user to operate the mouse. The fingers do not need to bend in order to control the buttons. Just apply a little pressure from the middle part of you finger to press the buttons. No other mouse will give this kind of comfort in your work.

For left-handers as well!
The E-Quill-AirO2bic is available in a right-handed and left-handed model and in the colours pearl (white) and onyx (black).

Why the E-Quill-AirO2bic?
The design of the E-Quill-AirO2bic positions the mouse arm in a biomechanical position thus minimizing pressure on your blood vessels and muscles. It fully supports and is the only mouse to protect the wrist.

The E-Quill-AirO2bic as the first and only Grip-Less mouse, makes it possible to move the cursor without having to use the small and easily over-worked muscles required for 'holding' the mouse. The E-Quill-AirO2bic™ is also the only mouse product that controls the extent of bending the wrist. By bringing the lower arm and wrist in the shake-hands position, not only the twisting in the lower arm (pronation) will be prevented, but the lifting of the wrist (dorsal flexion) as well (necessary to hold a regular mouse). The "hand-shake" position of the E-Quill-AirO2bic protects the user by holding the arm, wrist and hand in the same neutral posture position during all mouse movements. This will keep you within the bio mechanically recommended positions that help to prevent the circumstances that are known to cause RSI.

What to expect?
Many people have RSI-like symptoms, tingling aches, etc, just after working, a couple of hours later or even waking them up at night. But not many people see a doctor, assuming that this is normal for them. It needn't be! Use E-Quill-AirO2bic mouse and you can expect a reduction in the after work aches and pains you experience now.

When switching to the E-Quill-AirO2bic some users will experience new sensations in their mouse arm during the period of biomechanical acclimatization. This is typically warm hands and muscular feelings in your upper arm, the bigger muscles you now use are better suited to long hours of manual work. These last for a week or so and you soon don't notice these. Changes you experience are typically a positive indication of the better posture your mouse arm has adopted in a new and more effective position. When you start using the E-Quill-AirO2bic you might notice a need to concentrate a little more for the first hour or so. This is more so if you are doing detailed graphical work. This will soon pass and your body will soon adapt itself to this new and healthier posture.

Do you have concerns about your own mouse arm because you recognise some of the symptoms above? Are you under treatment of a physician or therapist? We advise in either event that you see a doctor or your therapist when you start using the E-Quill-AirO2bic. They can monitor and help you as you adapt to the change and may alter your therapy accordingly. They are also likely to start recommending E-Quill-AirO2bic to their other patients once they hear about it.