MK Prosopsis



The Ultimate Conversation Piece. Take it out of the box and talk! You asked for it, and we’re pleased to present DynaWrite. It’s the first keyboard-based communication device in the DynaVox family of products. Perfect for individuals with good literacy skills, DynaWrite allows augmented communicators to express themselves quickly and easily within minutes of taking the device out of the box.

The DynaWrite is approximately 1 Kg and comes in a case made of tough plastic. A scanning overlay may be added to allow access via switches, which can be used either permanently or when needed (for people with problems that can fluctuate). Average battery run time for typical use is 8 hours.

Access Methods

Standard sized keys on QWERTY style keyboad
Single and dual switch scanning (with scanning overlay)

Speech Output

VeriVox voices
DECtalk® synthesized voices
Digitized speech and sound using the built-in microphone.


Standard switch port – 2 jacks for standard switches.
2 USB ports
Speaker port for external speaker or private headphone
Integral microphone for digitized speech and sound

Infrared for learning universal remote control and accessing a computer