MK Prosopsis

DynaVox Series 4


The DV4 is approximately 2.75 Kg and comes in a case made of tough plastic. The case has a strong gripping surface, easy-to-find ports, and a moisture-resistant faceplate. Continuous battery run time for typical use is 12 hours.

Weighing 1.5 Kg, the MT4 has both a handle and a strap to make it easy to carry the device by hand or over the shoulder. Continuous battery run time for typical use is 8 hours.

Access Methods

  • Touch screen with adjustable hold/release times, touch-enter/exit modes, audio touch
  • Morse code
  • Visual and audio scanning with auto, switch, 2-switch and inverse auto-scan options
  • Mouse pause and mouse click
  • Switch-joystick
  • Auto Zoom is available for touch enter selectors

Speech Output

  • VeriVox voices
  • DECtalk® synthesized voices
  • Digitized speech is available using the built-in microphone


  • Standard switch port – 2 jacks for standard switches
  • 2 USB type B function connectors and one USB type A host
  • Serial port
  • Speaker port for external speaker or private audio scanning
  • Integral microphone and external microphone jack for digitized speech and sound
  • Infrared for learning universal remote control and accessing a computer