MK Prosopsis

Color Library

Color Libraries are boxes of 96 colourful cards, divided into six categories and numbered on the reverse. These are superbly printed cards and the series builds up into a rich resource of essential vocabulary central to the needs of all children.

Contents: 96 cards 105 x 148mm + booklet

User group: Speech & language therapists, teachers, occupational therapists, educational psychologists, parents, carers, language teachers.


Divided into six categories: fruit, vegetables, basics, prepared food, drinks and snacks.


Easily identified items from six rooms of a home: lounge, diner, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and study.


A variety of everyday items categorised into the following areas: care, children, domestic, leisure, personal and toiletries.


Photographed on location, these cards are arranged into six categories: arts & crafts, trades, public services, health workers, transport and general occupations.

Animals & Birds

Features a selection of living creatures from all over the world; categories are wild land animals, domestic animals, insects/mini beasts, reptiles and amphibians, marine life and birds.

Transport & Vehicles

Photographed on location, categories in this set include air, water, rail, personal, cycles and service/work.

Sport & Leisure

Designed to appeal to everyone, the featured categories are adventure sports, team sports, individual sports, hobbies, pastimes and entertainment.