MK Prosopsis

ColorCards Sequencing

ColorCards Sequencing: Visually clear and full of interest, these unique resources present story sequences in an engaging photographic form. The series develops in complexity from the new two and three-step Simple Sequences, through the three-step Basic Sequences, simple four-step sequencing and six-step Social Situations up to the more challenging eight-step Activities & Events.

Contents: 48 cards 148 x 148mm (Basic Sequences 210 x 148mm), + booklet.

User group: Teachers and therapists working with groups or individuals in the area of personal development, learning disability or head injury.

Sequences: 4 -Step

Contains twelve lively 4-step sequences featuring familiar activities.The sequences show a wide range of events both at home and out and about.

Includes people of different ages and ethnic groups.Sequences include making cakes; going to the dentist; and buying a new pet.

Simple Sequences

At a simpler level than Basic Sequences this pack shows a range of familiar daily activities.
Includes twelve two-step sequences to establish the concept of actions in an activity taking place in a logical order and eight three-step sequences to further develop these skills.

The activities are easy to relate to and show frequently occurring activities within the experience of most users.Sequences shown include cleaning teeth, turning on a lamp, riding a bike and decorating a cake.

Basic Sequeces

This popular set has been completely revised to include 18 brand new three-step sequences, which are designed to establish an understanding or order and direction, logical thought and expressive language skills. Includes changing a baby, making a bed and playing a CD.

Daily Living

Introducing four-step sequences, this is a superb set of everyday domestic scenes. The cards are designed to contain easy-to-understand concepts and high frequency vocabulary. The scenes include grandfather's birthday, a family meal, time to get up and feeding the cat among others.

Cause & Effect

These are stimulating visual materials designed to help develop logical and critical thinking skills. They will also help with verbal reasoning as well as encourage the use and practice of questioning.

Social Situations

This pack of six-step sequences is photographed in different indoor and outdoor locations including a garage, hairdresser, restaurant and doctor.

Activities & Events

More complex, these eight-step stories introduce time concepts and provide excellent opportunities for more advanced language work on syntax, grammar and vocabulary. This set also introduces ideas for social skills and awareness.

Problem Solving

Illustrating everyday problems and two possible ways of solving them, this pack is ideal for use in the classroom or clinic with children and adults. There are three cards in each sequence; the first shows the problem and the second shows a possible solution; while the third card introduces an alternative way of dealing with the problem.