MK Prosopsis

Cantab Tests


The CANTAB tests are simple: computerised, non-linguistic, and culturally blind. They can be administered by a trained assistant. Importantly, interpretation of a patient’s condition can be easily understood by a clinician.

Below is a complete list of all our tests:

Induction: Motor Screening (MOT), Big/Little Circle(BLC)

Visual memory: Delayed Matching to Sample (DMS), Paired Associates Learning (PAL), Pattern Recognition Memory (PRM), Spatial Recognition Memory (SRM) 

Executive function: Intra-Extra Dimensional Set Shift (IED), One Touch Stockings of Cambridge (OTS), Stockings of Cambridge (SOC), Spatial Span (SSP), Spatial Working Memory (SWM)

Attention: Choice Reaction Time (CRT), Match to Sample Visual Search (MTS), Reaction Time (RTI), Rapid Visual Information Processing (RVP), Simple Reaction Time (SRT) 

Semantic/Verbal memory: Graded Naming Test (GNT), Verbal Recognition Memory (VRM)

Decision making and response control: Affective Go/No-go (AGN), Cambridge Gambling Task (CGT), Information Sampling Task (IST), Stop Signal Task (SST)