MK Prosopsis




• Simple to Use
• Big, 17" screen
• No PC required
• No training needed
• Crisp, clear image
• Robust
• Magnifies 17x
• Desk stand or wall mount
• Security feature for public locations
• Durable, CE approved, built to last

The BigReader was specifically developed with libraries needs in mind. This means the image clarity, simplicity and robustness of its design offers superb functionality whilst blending flawlessly into the environment in which it is placed.

Ideal for reading or looking at public notices, books, newspapers, maps, letters, images, stamps and much more…

BigReader is available in two models, Black & White or Full Colour with reverse mode and enhanced positive mode : BigReader-Mono & BigReader-Color

The monitor can be placed on any suitable surface, such as a desk, or it can be wall mounted using the industry standard VESA mounting points.

How It Works

1) For public use locations, the BigReader camera unit can be connected to the monitor via a security bracket, which means that neither the camera or the power supply can be removed without the correct tool

2) Whenever a visitor would like to magnify something, they simply press the Power button and start reading. It's that simple!

3) Brightness and Contrast can be adjusted if the user feels it necessary

Now everyone can enjoy the library, not only the fully sighted