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Bathing & Toileting

Our Bathing & Toileting range is comprised by many different categories and types. Below is just a sample of a few items from our Bathing & Toileting range that makes your everyday life easier. For the complete collection please contact us.

Combined Board and Seat System

A luxury product combining a bath board with a bath seat, ensuring correct alignment with no possibility of movement between them. The frame is adjustable to allow for variations in bath depth. Both seat and board are padded for maximum comfort. Available with either standard or front cut-away seat for easier personal cleansing. Seat height 153mm (6").
Seat size 360 x 305mm (14 x 12"). Board width 235mm (91/4"). Board length 670mm (261/2"). Weight 7.6kg.

Width Adjustbale Stirling Frame

A sturdy, height adjustable metal frame with a clip on, one piece moulded seat. The cross members are width adjustable using a pin clip system, allowing the frame to be completely assembled or disassembled without tools. Height is also adjusted using a pin clip system, which leaves no protrusions to snag skin or clothing. Flat packed. Width at top 480 to 530mm (19 to 21"). Seat height 380 to 530mm (15 to 21"). Depth at floor 470 to 530mm (181/2 to 21") depending on height setting. Weight 5.9kg.

Adjustable width Bather

The adjustable width Swivel Bather can be easily adjusted to fit a wide range of bathtubs. Each arm of the base frame can be independently adjusted by simply turning the grey handles. This adjustability also allows the seat to be set closer to the open side of the bath, making entry easier. Fits internal bath widths from 430 to 700mm (17 to 271/2"). Fits external bath widths from 635 to 785mm (25 to 31"). Seat size 445 x 405mm (171/2 x 16"). Backrest height 355mm (14"). Width between armrests 485mm (19"). Weight 7kg.

Portable Flushing Toilet

A plastic moulded portable seat and sealable tank. It is light to carry, hygienic to use, easy to clean and convenient to store. The potty splits into two sections, the lower section is the holding tank for waste, the upper section is the bowl with flushing system, plastic seat and lid. It is supplied with a small bottle of Aqua Kem, and Aqua Rinse. If extra support is required, it can be used with AA2430 Stand and Frame.
Height 414mm (161/4"). Width 379mm (15"). Depth 419mm (161/2"). Tank capacity 21 litres (4.6 gallons). Weight 4.1kg.

Folding Shower Chair

These high quality chairs fold for storage and transportation. Made from plastic coated steel tubing they are warm to the touch and corrosion resistant. Both chairs have an ergonomic plastic seat with front cut out for ease of personal cleansing. Available with a solid moulded backrest or a removable soft back strap that is stitched for durability. Seat height is adjustable from 450 to 600mm (173/4 to 231/2"). Overall height adjustable from 730 to 930mm (283/4 to 361/2"). Seat size
410 x 400mm (16 x 153/4"). Width between arms 520mm (201/2"). Weight 6.5kg.

Raised Toilet Seat

This seat is gently contoured for comfort. The aperture is elongated compared to most seats and has a front cut-away for personal hygiene. The seat slopes slightly forward to assist with lowering and raising, and sits on moulded bumpers for stability. The seat is fully sealed and easy to clean. Three plastic moulded brackets allow external adjustment to fit most toilets. Aperture 310 x 220mm (121/2 x 81/2").

Sliding Transfer Bath Bench

This sliding transfer bath bench sits with two legs inside the bath and two on the floor outside the bath. The user positions themselves on the seat outside of the bath, then slides the seat over the top of the bath using the handle provided.
The seat can be secured into place at either extremity of slide using a simple clip mechanism. The backrest and handle are adjustable for right or left facing baths. For extra security, a seatbelt is included and angled ferrules prevent the bench from slipping. External seat height from floor 559 to 660mm (22 to 26"). Seat size 520 x 345mm (201/2 x 131/2"). Weight 4.8kg.

Toilet Safety Frame

This aluminium frame is secured to the toilet by the existing seat. The legs are height adjustable to suit a number of toilets. Mouldings on the arms provide a secure handgrip and broad area for resting arms whilst on the toilet. May be combined with a raised toilet seat provided the existing seat is left in place. Legs and arms may be easily removed when not required. Height of arms 640 to 750mm (25 to 291/2"). Width between arms 450mm (18"). Weight 1.4kg.


These versatile utensils wrap easily around the hand and/or wrist to secure in the position required. The foam handle is 19mm (3/4") in diameter and 250mm (10") long. It may be customised to fit a user's grip. Includes a 250mm (10") Velcro strap that further secures the utensil. Weight 50g. Handwash with warm, soapy water.

Mobile Commode Chair

This quality mobile commode chair, with chrome frame, may be used as a commode or over the toilet. The swing away, padded arms make this ideal where side transfer is required. The plastic commode pan is easy to remove for cleaning and is covered with a detachable padded vinyl seat. Supplied with four braked castors and detachable footrests which swing away to aid patient transfer. Overall width 53cm (21"). Overall height 96cm (38"). Overall depth 54cm (21"). Seat height 53cm (21").
Seat width 43cm (17"). Seat depth 58cm (18"). Weight 13kg.