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"It really does work!"

The Page Turner is well used by those who own one, because they know it works! Its design has remained relatively unchanged for around 25 years, as it is a tried and tested product. It is not an `automatic` page turner, but one which requires the user to `drive` the rubber roller to manipulate the pages. Consequently pages of varying thickness and size can be accommodated without any adjustments or setting changes. In fact there are no settings relating to paper thickness and book size.

The Page Turner is controlled by `driving` the roller through its four functions. Various controls can be used including a joystick, 4-button switch, 4-plate switch, a 4 function sip/puff switch, and single switch with scan controller. It can also be run by most environmental control units such as the GEWA PROG series infrared controllers.

Whether you`re sitting up or lying down, pages can be turned forward and backward, one at a time or continuously (scanning a chapter or directory, for instance). The only assistance required is to insert the document to be read, position the operating control for the user, and occasionally clean the turning mechanism.

Used for social, business, and educational reading, the unit works with books, magazines, catalogs, brochures, incoming mail, etc.


- No adjustments are required to set up for any size, texture, or type of document
- Accommodates most textbooks, paperbacks, magazines, smaller newspapers; maximum page size: 30 x 23 cm (12" x 9"), books to 5 cm (2") thick
- Inner and outer plastic panels secure and flatten the document being read
- An elastic cord secures thin-spined materials like pamphlets and magazines
- A rubber roller manipulates pages forward and backward, singly or continuously. No adhesives or tapes are used
- A collapsible tripod is built in for upright table rest
- Adjustable clamps are built in for attaching to the LB-2 Over-bed Table or other support framework
- A carrying handle allows instant transport
- A variety of operating controls are available to accommodate a wide range of physical abilities
- Adaptive Fixtures are available for mounting and positioning operating controls for maximum comfort of the user.

Is It What You Are Looking For?

Those people who cannot physically turn pages may find is frustrating to continually ask for assistance. Over the years a number of page turners have been developed. Their designs fall critically short of providing truly independent reading for individuals with more severe physical difficulties. Conventional, automatic page turners cannot sense page size, thickness, texture, single or multiple pages, ink density, etc. The Page Turner BLV does not attempt to do the impossible by trying to be automatic; it allows the user to direct the page turning "manually," just as one directs a robot.

Having established that the person has the understanding of how to `drive` this Page Turner, the most important prescription criteria for this device is the determination of a suitable operating control and mounting scheme. The manufacturer has developed a selection of standard multi-switch arrays (four switches to achieve for turning steps) for access by hand, foot, chin, and two-level sip-and-puff; each with suitable mounting hardware where needed. A visual scanner accessory is available for single-switch users capable of a single volitional action. Virtually any single-action switch may be used.

For reading in bed, GEWA offers the only over-bed table that rotates a full 360 degrees for tilting the Page Turner forward as much as 45 degrees over the user for maximum visual comfort. The BLV is the only Page Turner that can be used this way!

The Page Turner is sold as a unit, and the controls are sold separately. Controls are chosen for the individual user`s requirements.

How It Works

An attendant need only:
1 - Raise the outer plastic panels to insert the document
2 - Secure its cover underneath the inner plastic panels
3 - Connect and plug in the wall transformer
4 - Connect and position the selected operating control.

How to Control the Page Turner

The user uses a four-button switch or a joystick to manipulate a mechanically driven rubber roller through four (4) simple manoeuvres to complete the page turning:

1 - Move the roller to the right across the document to a point of sufficient roller grip.

Roller positioning varies depending on the overall page size, thickness and texture. The user quickly learns to "play the roller" in small increments in all four movements to achieve the desired results. It is this ability to "manually" manipulate the roller that helps the user work out common turning problems such as sticking or mis-angled pages. Repeated subtle roller movement in directions opposite to the desired end result often helps create air pockets between pages to eventually free them for proper turning.

2 - Clockwise roller rotation to "scoop" or pull a single page forward until it actually flips forward of the roller.

3 - Counter-clockwise roller rotation to flatten the underside pages so they are not inadvertently creased or folded during the next step.

4 - Move the roller to the left across the document until the page is completely turned. Generally, the roller is then brought back to the centre of the document to clear the page being read.

Normally, the roller is returned to the centre margin for reading the pages on either side. If the centre margin is narrow and the roller obscures the print, move the roller to the opposite page of the one being read.

To turn pages backward, just reverse the above process: 4-3-2-1!


- Size 50 x 60 x 20 cm (20" x 24" x 8")
- Weight 6.8 kg(15 lbs)
- Power 24V AC; operates from an approved wall outlet transformer (included)
- Maximum Page Size 30 x 22 cm (12" x 9")
- Maximum Book/Spine Thickness 5 cm (2 inches)
- Mounting Built-in tripod for table rest; built-in clamps for LB-2 over-bed table
- Controller Options: Hand/Chin Joystick, Four-Plate Switch, Four-Button Switch, Sip/Puff Switch, Slot Controller, Auto-Scanning Controller, Infra-Red (IR) Receiver Controller



Over-bed Table for Page Turner

This over-bed table is especially designed for the Page Turner. The Page Turner has G-clamps integrated as part of its frame, which attach securely to the over-bed table. This table has four wheels with locks on two for stability. It is height adjustable and the "table" face to which the Page Turner attaches can be rotated so that a book is positioned over a reader who is lying in bed.

Table Size: 59 x 38 cm (23-5/8" x 15-1/4")
Table Rotation: 360°
Maximum Stand Height: 132 cm (53")
Minimum Stand Height: 80 cm(32")
Weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)
Design: "H-frame" wheeled base with locking castors
Maximum Load: 15 kg

Supplied as a flat pack. Assembly required.