MK Prosopsis

BIG Step by Step


Like the BIGmack but allows a series of messages which the user can step through in sequence.

The single-message device with a BIG target area! Record a message and press BIG Step by Step to hear it. Connect BIG Step by Step to a toy or appliance and link the voice output with a reward.


  • One-shot timer prevents message repetition when a user continually activates a switch
  • 75 seconds of memory
  • Durable, high impact ABS plastic casing
  • 127mm (5 inch) diameter
  • Volume control and on off switch
  • External 3.5mm switch jack
  • External speaker jack for amplification.
  • FREE Snap Switch Cap
  • FREE toy/appliance cable

    Available in green, red, yellow, blue and black - please specify colour when ordering.