MK Prosopsis

Add-on Touch Screen Kit


Instantly converts any standard monitor (LCD & CRT) or notebook computer into a touch-interactive device at a very affordable cost. Easy installation and maintenance.

Magic touch can be easily installed and removed. No need to open up the monitor or computer case. Magic touch does not need external power supply. It can be used in any country with voltage from 100 to 240. Magic touch can be activated on touch by almost anything - finger, fingernail, gloved hand or stylus. Magic touch and mouse can be used concurrently. An utility icon enables left-right mouse-button swap functions. Magic touch eliminates the electrostatic and reduces the radiation generated from the monitor. Magic touch has excellent scratch and chemical resistance. It may be cleaned with household cleaner, like Windex.Controllers available for USB or Serial (ProE) interface.

Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, ME, Mac 9.22-10.x, Linux.

Available for:

  • For notebook computers: 12-14" notebook 15" notebook 15.4" widescreen notebook 17" widescreen notebook .
  • For display monitors: 13-15" CRT & LCD 16-17" CRT & LC 17" widescreen LCD 19" widescreen LCD 19" LCD & CRT 20-21" CRT & LCD 22" widescreen LCD 24" widescreen LCD