MK Prosopsis

Action Lotto


This exciting lotto game helps develop key language skills in an enjoyable way. Designed especially for children with speech and language difficulties, the aim is to identify and match everyday actions. 4 photographic scene cards show actions in the kitchen, bedroom, lounge and garden. Within each scene children depict different target verbs. There are 3 different games to play: (A) In 1, children play a simple matching game, finding the objects associated with each verb in the scene cards (B) In game 2, children match an action from the scene card with a playing card showing exactly the same verb (C) In game 3, children match an action from the scene card (cutting a cake with a knife), with a playing card showing the same verb in a different context, such.

Action Lotto is ideal to stimulate discussion and to practise more demanding syntactic and semantic activities. The cards and boards are extra thick to ensure they stand the test of time, and all activities can be made easier or harder to match the ability of the child you are working with.

Contains 4 scene cards (297 x 210mm), 4 playing boards (210 x 210mm), 52 photo cards (90 x 90mm) and teacher’s/therapist’s notes, including activity suggestions.